There’s No Crying In Baseball …………. So That Must Mean There’s The Perception of Racism …………..

There’s No Crying In Baseball …………. So That Must Mean There’s The Perception of Racism …………..

Having not grown up watching or becoming totally immersed and enamored with the sport of baseball. I can well understand the passion and fervor behind “this proud game” ! But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that the game hasn’t been without its faults or self inflicted wounds. Some of “which” still exist to this very day in one form or another.

From its early days of outright segregation amongst the players to the “Black Sox scandal” , the annals of the game has been littered with stories that will either make one wince in horror or take deep pride and joy in many of the game’s greatest moments or achievements. Standing tall amongst this all had to have been the introduction of Jackie Robinson as the first person of color to have been integrated into a major professional team sport in the United States. As to what this says about the social advances of the nation at the time, isn’t necessarily borne out , given the fact that Robinson didn’t have the right to cast “his vote” at the ballot box. But here he was in the uniform of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Never mind the fact that the same time the type of segregation that Robinson found in the US army , was the very same environment that he would find within the game of baseball. Racial intolerance was in almost every facet of life prior to and after the war . It also didn’t take long for it to find itself within the field of competitive sports. Be it as a team sport or as a singular endeavor. One seems to forget also, that many Jews involved in sports as athletes , weren’t at all favorably looked upon.

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Now some might feel aggrieved that Branch Rickey the then General Manager of the team sought out Robinson as his prime social example in seeking change. And it may well be, that he saw something in ballplayer not just as an athlete but someone wasn’t going to shy away from what was being asked of him. In essence, once this effort got underway there would be no turning back. If “this” was meant to change the game then it was being done to change it for the better and for not the worst. Understandably miffed by this , it brought about a certain degree resentment not just from the fans but also within the upper echelons of the game from owners to senior executive members of MLB at the time.

April 15th, 1947 is still commemorated within major league baseball (MLB) and is revered as “one of the game’s most historic events”. As it represents the day that Robinson first took the field as a ballplayer in the “big leagues” .

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Hudson hints at racism for blacks in free agency

By Jeff Passan , Yahoo Sports

Minneapolis – As Major League Baseball (MLB) prepares for its annual Jackie Robinson Day on Thursday, one prominent African-American player questioned teams’ commitment to employing black players past their prime years.

“You see guys like Jermaine Dye without a job,” Minnesota Twins second baseman Orlando Hudson said Monday. “Guy with [27 home runs and 81 RBIs] and can’t get a job. Pretty much sums it up right there, no? You’ve got some guys who miss a year who can come back and get $5, $6 million, and a guy like Jermaine Dye can’t get a job. A guy like Gary Sheffield , a first-ballot Hall of Famer, can’t get a job. …

“We both know what it is. You’ll get it right. You’ll figure it out. I’m not gonna say it because then I’ll be in [trouble].”

What Hudson wants to say: He believes there is a racist element to the free-agent market in baseball, and that it’s paralyzing the 36-year-old Dye’s ability to earn what non-blacks with commensurate numbers received in the offseason.

“Call it what you want to,” Hudson said. “I ain’t fit to say it. After I retire I’ll say it. I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to say after I retire.”

Hudson’s comments came on the heels of Dye turning down a one-year contract offer from the Washington Nationals for less than a quarter of his $11.5 million salary with the Chicago White Sox last season. After a first half in which he slugged .567 and hit 20 home runs, Dye spent the second half of 2009 in a deep slump from which he never emerged, batting .179 and slugging .297 while playing subpar defense in right field.

Hudson believed Dye’s credentials – 164 home runs in the last five years and an OPS 21 percent better than the league average – would buy him the benefit of the doubt. Dye hoped to play for a contender, and while he understood he would take a pay cut, he expected a deal in the $4 million-plus range. Hudson said he and Dye spoke on the phone this offseason about his status, though they never broached specifics about why the market never materialized above $3.5 million, a number approached or exceeded by a number of players with inferior credentials.

“We don’t even get into it,” Hudson said. “We both know what it is.”

The Baltimore Orioles guaranteed $4.5 million to first baseman Garrett Atkins , 30, after he hit .226 and slugged .342 in 354 at-bats last season. Thirty-three-year-old Aubrey Huff’s on-base percentage was 30 points lower than Dye’s and his slugging percentage 69 points lower, yet the San Francisco Giants gave him $3 million. The Chicago Cubs paid 31-year-old Xavier Nady $3.3 million after an elbow injury limited him to 28 at-bats last season.

Whether teams with first base openings didn’t trust Dye’s ability to convert or others with outfield slots preferred different players, his presence on the open market in mid-April is particularly puzzling when coupled with the fates of other black players.

Second baseman Ray Durham(notes), coming off a 2008 in which he got on base at a .380 clip and slugged .432, couldn’t get anything more than a backup sniff as a 37-year-old. Durham’s case, one source said, is among those being looked at by the MLB players’ association in its potential collusion case against MLB.

Outfielder Kenny Lofton put up an above-average OPS as a 40-year-old in 2007 and hasn’t been seen since. And Sheffield, 41, remains a free agent after slugging .451 with spacious Citi Field as his home stadium.


In order to read this article in its entirety just click unto the link provided.


This offseason within baseball , the crop of free agents that came to the market wasn’t exactly at a premium. But with due diligence general managers, managers and their coaching staff could find a player to meet their needs. However, what was becoming abundantly clear ,was that there were a great many seasoned veteran fee agents that were being overlooked by teams . As to the reasons why ? Well your guess is as good as mine. Many of these players were as such, viewed as being on the downside of their careers. Though it has to be said, with the experience there and in the case of someone like Jermaine Dye . One would be missing out on a player who has been known for his consistency and productivity throughout the course of his career. And many of Dye’s peers were beginning to notice as well. Most notably amongst them was Orlando Hudson , who went so far as to suggest that team owners and the game’s hierarchy were in fact using blatant racism in determining whether or not they would sign a free agent. I for one would like to think that the game hasn’t sunk back to such times !. But given what we know as to the game’s history. It’s hard not to take this all in and ask, could it be possible still in this day and age ?

My own views on the matter, are that in some cases it may well stem from the fact, the prospective free agent in question is looking for more money than a team is willing to pay for their services. But then again when an agent such as Scott Boras can seemingly place an elite client of his, out unto to the free agency market and elicit a bidding war for that player’s services. What should one then think ? Be the player African American or Latino should not at all matter. What should set the precedent is that player’s abilities to perform and be productive. Commissioner Bud Selig and MLB now finds itself as the defendant in a proposed case being brought against them by plaintiffs, the MLBPA (Players’ Union) . The suit alleges that the game’s hierarchy knowingly and purposely colluded with the owners in conspiring against free agents.

MLBPA Executive Director Michael Weiner is adamant that his union and its members have a valid case against the game’s hierarchy. How this will all play out within the legal system remains to be seen. But you can be sure that this battle and trial will be contentious should it ever reach the judicial system.

Courtesy of The New York Times …..

Union Expresses Concern Over Salaries

By Ken Belson , The New York Times

The Major League Baseball Players Association is considering, among a number of options, filing a grievance accusing owners of conspiring to suppress player salaries this past winter.

“We have concerns about the operation of this year’s market, and we’re investigating those concerns,” said Michael Weiner, the general counsel for the union. “We’re far along and not yet through.”

Weiner said the union would decide in the coming weeks how to respond. That could include filing a grievance under its collective bargaining agreement. If the union’s claims are not resolved, an arbitrator could be appointed.

Although Weiner spoke of a possible grievance, the union on Tuesday also issued a statement disputing an article in USA Today on Monday that said average opening day salaries were down 17 percent from 2009. According to the union, the average opening day salary this season is $3,340,133, an increase of $22,658 over the 2009 figure. USA Today has since issued a correction stating that the average salary this year is actually slightly above the number from a year ago.

This marked the first time the union has announced its calculation of opening day salaries.


One gets the impression that the game is still intent on inflicting itself with even more wounds than is totally necessary ? We’ve had the obfuscation of responsibility on both sides when it came to the fallout from the “steroid abuse fallout”>. And now we have millionaire players and multi-millionaire owners now squabbling over ” money” . When in fact the very financial stability of the game is very much at risk. But you will hardly hear either Bud Selig or his counterpart Michael Weiner actually acknowledge that very fact.

For the players who would choose to bring up racism as the fact that they cannot land a place on a major league roster smacks of stupidity and is an insult to their predecessors such as Jackie Robinson, Larry Doby , Hank Aaron , Satchel Paige , Roy Campanella , Willie Mays and Ernie Banks . Such distinguished and illustrious player who’ve had to endure and undergo far more than many of today’s players will have seen in their baseball career’s thus far.

Do you just get the impression that the game of baseball now has very little to do with on-field success but more so how much money that the teams and the owners can continue to fight over. With an ever diminishing pie that can be only severed into so many piece. You have to now wonder where will it all end next ? If the fans are already being asked to pay for a watered down product and to observe players who are far more interested in what they can achieve off the field by way of endorsement contracts, than anything that they can achieve by way of success on it. Then the present predicament the game now finds itself is a totally deserving one for the fate of baseball. Let them keep on shooting themselves in the foot and sooner rather than later the fans will begin t desert the stadiums. As it is for clubs around the league that is already happening. For Orlando Hudson and the union to now suggest this is all about collusion. I’ll ask this both , what were they indeed doing when there was rampant steroid use within the game ? I don’t seem to remember any coach, executive or player for that matter coming forward to suggest that there was a grave situation going on. Instead it was left to the publicity seeking now deemed parasite in , Jose Canseco to lift the lid off one of the more unsavory aspects of the game over the last decade and a half. There Messr’s Hudson and Weiner is “the real collusion” that has been perpetrated on the fans of the sport !

What are your thoughts on this matter and the does the union have a valid case against the game’s hierarchy as you see it ? By all means leave a comment as to your thoughts on the subject.

Alan Parkins …………………. aka tophatal 🙂 – 😀 – 😀


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14 thoughts on “There’s No Crying In Baseball …………. So That Must Mean There’s The Perception of Racism …………..

  1. I dunno..seems that most of the professional athletes are either black or a hispanic derivative of the black race. The NBA, MLB, NFL are all dominated by black and hispanic athletes. I don’t care one way or the other because they just happen to, for the most part, have the desire and talent to play these sports. I doubt that race is the basis for offering less money etc. to Hudson….it might just be that he is in the twilight of his career and money is earmarked for those who are younger and will last a few more years than him. At least that is my take on it.

    1. al clements

      The players who are suggesting that this is racism are just guys who are now pissed off that they’re not getting paid.

      Lucy Becker has a rather special talent , to find out call 1-976-I LIKE SEX

      If you wanted to see real collusion at its finest , simply look at what went on during the ‘steroid era’ in baseball. That bitch stank so much it’d make you want to gag and throw up. And the likes of Selig and La Russa act as if they didn’t know what was going on ? Stevie Wonder mentioned that he’d seen something iffy concerning both Barry’s and Big Mac’s build. Now that’s something ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Alan Parkins aka Tophatal ….

    2. al clements

      The moment that race or racism is interjected into an issue that really boils down to nothing more than money. Then you know that the instigator essentially didn’t have a leg to stand on to begin with.

      Weiner for his part is merely now trying to upset the applecart in order to get an even bigger slice of the pie for “his” members (players)

      It’s the same thing his predecessor Donald Fehr as Executive Director of MLBPA (union) wanted to do before he stepped down with a major golden parachute as they say.

      Anna Benson wife of former Mets’ pitcher Kris Benson.

      Hey “big boy” wouldn’t you want me to play with your “big stick” ?

      Alan Parkins

  2. Sounds more like agism than racism. A one year contract for over 2 million is not enough? Try putting in the work it requires to avoid a mid season slump. Dye’s work ethic might have something to do with his situation. The older a player gets the more training it requires to stay in shape.

    1. aero

      in this case isn’t the problem it’s actually the statements made by Orlando Hudson that I for one find insulting ! These players have it mild when you make the comparison as to what the likes of , Larry Doby , Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson had to go through when they first came into the league.

      Like I said when it comes to ” collusion” who better to know about this shit than the , union(MLBPA) hierarchy of baseball and the “owners” themselves ?. At the height of the “steroid era” with the money being made while Bonds , Sosa and McGwire were knocking balls out the ballparks like flies being swatted . They were all part of the collusion that was being perpetrated upon the fans at their expense . But absolutely nothing was done by Selig or for that matter by either Congress or the Justice Dept . But low and behold “white collar crime” and where billions are stake. And everyone has a damn hissy fit !

      How many millions of dollars were the fans defrauded out of while this all went on ? Does anyone really know ?

      This isn’t at all about racism it’s about greed and the players actually wanting more than they actually deserve in terms of money .

      Alan Parkins

    1. Chris Humpherys

      For Orioles , Pirates and Royals’ fans , they all start early in the season and progress gradually as their season gets progressively worse . It’s like Iverson says…..“we’re talkin’ practice ……I mean practice” ? . That’s how those venerable particular fans tend to enjoy “their season in MLB (baseball) I mean we’re talikin’ Pirates, Orioles and Royals’ fans . When was the last time they actually won something , let alone make the postseason ?

      Orlando Hudson is an ass for making such a statement ! But then again many of these guys are simply ballplayers it’s not as if they’re being asked to perform cardio-thoracic surgery or the removal of malignant tumor from someone’s brain.

      MLBPA (union) and Selig still have a great deal to answer for and it appears that the fans in general are prepare to let them slide on it all. What happens the next time round “a concerning a major controversy involving the two sides” ?

      “Bud we’ve screwed up big time ” ! “What do you mean ‘we’ ? This ain’t my bitch . I’m outta here after 2011. So this’ll be your baby”

      I think this “Eminem spoof” sums up the “mess” of MLB (baseball) !

      Alan Parkins

    2. Chris Humpherys

      The players probably do cry however if they mistakenly inject or orally ingest themselves with estrogen instead of “HGH” . Raises their estrogen hormone levels and makes them a lot like females on their menstrual cycle . What are your thoughts on that ?

      See this clip from the Sandler remake of ‘The Longest Yard’.

      Alan Parkins

  3. I feel bad for Dye. I loved him when he was wearing an A’s jersey. If he really wanted to play he’d take a cheap contract and prove that he has something left. Then he could get paid more next year if he did perform well. I don’t think it’s racism, more that he’s just getting older and teams either want to see what prospects they can throw out there or were worried about his defense. It seems like a lot of teams are placing more emphasis on defense these days…

    1. chappy

      I’ve no problem with Dye at all as I still believe him a good enough player to be on several teams around MLB baseball . That being said Orlando Hudson and his statement smacks of the same “sheer idiocy” shown by Torii Hunter and his statement ’bout Latin players of African heritage. Just “shut the _uck up and play” the game as no one wants to hear some millionaire ballplayer whine like female who’s on her menstrual cycle.

      Now the funny thing in all of this , is Weiner’s insinuation that there is on the part of the owners and the hierarchy of baseball. What he’s failed to point out was the collusion by his predecessor Donald Fehr (MLBPA Executive Director-union) with Selig to hide the mess that was the ‘steroid era’ !

      Alan Parkins

    1. al clements

      The lot of a Pirates’ fan is never a happy one . Can you even remember who was in office (President) when they last had a winning season ? Get back to me when you’ve figured it out .

      “If you the fans can be patient I’m sure we’ll be able to turn things around” ! Paraphrasing the words of Pirates’ owner Bob Nutting.

      I can only presume that their play-by-play broadcasters were old enough to actually remember ?

      “I am prepared to give up my tv reality show career if the Pirates have a winning season. As a matter of fact as an incentive I’ll sleep with entire roster of the team including the coaches as well, should they have a winning season“. – Kate Gosselin.

      But not to worry as long as owner Bob Nutting is in charge the level of mediocrity will still remain the same !

      Stranger things have happened within the world of baseball . I mean if Kate Gosselin is prepared to do that much. What are you prepared to do as a Pirates’ fan ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Alan Parkins

    1. al clements

      Well now that the Phillies have offered the bank vault and its contents to Ryan Howard . I guess there really will be a great deal of crying within the game , especially amongst the Pirates’ fans ? . One more simple reason why they’re now irrelevant within the game !

      “We were prepared to offer Ryan a stick of gum and all of the cereal he could eat if he came to play for the Pirates as that’s all we could afford “. Bob Nutting CEO of the Pirates

      Alan Parkins

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