Do You Simply Get The Feeling You’ve Seen This All Before ?

Do You Simply Get The Feeling You’ve Seen This All Before ?

Well the NFL —- regular season is over and we now enter the postseason and the divisional rounds of the playoffs. The seedings are now set and within the AFC and NFC with both the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers are afforded byes . In the NFC it’s the Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears and from thereon in it now becomes something of a crap shoot as to the teams then vying for the right to be in the paths of the presumptive favorites within these conferences .


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While much has been made as to the seasons that were had by teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , St Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks . For myself , in seeing what has now become the customary bloodletting that seemingly takes once the regular season has ended seems to have become an annual ritual wherein coaches are fired after a miserable season. Out went Eric Mangini with the Cleveland Browns after team President Mike Holmgren had enough , and not to be outdone in this habitual exercise is the grand daddy of them Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders who are said to be assessing the situation of head head coach Tom Cable . I do believe that the Raiders ought to install a turnstile in the head coach’s office of the organization in order to save themselves the embarrassment with each passing season. I mean how else can one explain the comedic travesty as to what happens specifically within that front office ? Cable leads the team to a clean sweep of the division (AFC West) and for that he’s about to get fired ?

From my own perspective the coach was simply let down by the poor and inconsistent play of his quarterbacks and in particular Jason Campbell who if anything is simply proving that he is really no better than an average NFL backup in that particular position. And with recurring injuries to Bruce Gradkowski through much of the season one can’t help but wonder what now for the Raiders , as they quite possibly seek a new coach . Who wants to be in the midst of that particular mess and will they be gainfully compensated to endure the peering eyes of Al Davis as they undertake the task of making this team better ?

The jury is still out as to the fate of Marvin Lewis and the Cincinnati Bengals but all signs seem to be pointing to the fact that he may well be retained . And the same claim can be made as to the impending fate of the Miami Dolphins’ —– Tony Sparano , albeit that former consultant Bill Parcells has stated to team owner Stephen Ross that the coach should be retained . We’ve seen what befell both Brad Childress and Wade Phillips respectively , as they were shown the door by their teams the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys after having underachieving this season. And who can forget the dismissal of Josh McDaniels by team owner Pat Bowlen of the Denver Broncos ? What with “Spygate II” and the fact that the coach chose not to report the incident of the team videographer taping the walk through of a team during their pregame warmups makes you wonder why everyone was so angered by the Patriots and their shenanigans prior to this . I mean, this is now the culture of the NFL, it’s just that the coaches , their staffs and the league’s hierarchy isn’t prepared to admit that this still goes on around the league.

Now there’s no denying that many of these vacancies will be filled but there’s a caveat here as to how the owners will go about addressing these vacancies. With there as yet being no sign of an agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA (Players’ Union) as to a collective bargaining agreement , no team will want to make a multi year commitment to a coach knowing that the 2011-12 season there might not be any football to played at all . Never mind the fact that the league and owners are firmly entrenched with the idea of elongating the regular season to an eighteen game schedule , whereas the players vehemently oppose the idea unless the league itself is willing to make several concessions. At the crux of this all are the rookies’ salary contracts and how the league will go about meeting the demands of the players concerning the extending of the regular season schedule wherein rosters would be increased from 53 to 55 players .

We simply know that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in spite of his best intentions is simply doing this to add to the NFL’s already burgeoning coffers without admitting to that fact. We’re told in the meantime of the inadequacies of the existing collective bargaining agreement (cba) as the players’ share is imbalanced when based against the expenditures that’s made by the teams themselves throughout the season. What I for one find extraordinary in all of this is that neither side has been willing to have their finances made public in order that we can see some sort of transparency and what the truth really is. It has now become a matter of each side is attacking each other , while at the same time in doing so they’re now beginning to alienate and infuriate the fans . Nothing like seeing a bunch of multi millionaire owners and players argue over an ever diminishing slice of pie. The broadcast networks notwithstanding the league cannot afford to have a labor stoppage and lose countless billions of dollars as the networks such as ESPN , NBC , CBS and Fox Sports see their gravy train literally disappear down the drain.

A season without football may well give the most avid fan of the NFL some cause for concern as where would their allegiances now be drawn ? Baseball for all of its vagaries once the postseason arrives is literally a month long plus of hoping that the teams involved actually play with some passion and consistency. And if the New York Yankees aren’t involved in the Fall Classic then you might as well be watching paint dry for all of the interest the World Series creates without the Bronx Bombers being a participant.

Now while we can assume that those teams with vacancies to be filled will painstakingly seek out the best candidates possible to fill those vacancies . I for one can’t help but wonder what’s now mulling over in the minds of former coaches such as John Gruden , Bill Cowher and perhaps Tony Dungy ? These are the names that more likely than not that will be the most sought after and will be amongst the leading candidates to be interviewed for the vacancies that have arisen. Within the college ranks I firmly believe that Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh is being closely looked at by a number of general managers around the league but if anything I for one feel that it’s highly unlikely that he’d leave that Stanford Cardinals’ program that he’s built up over the last few years. Not when they’re now clearly a force to be reckoned within the Pac 10 as well as at the national level and if anything that clearly will play a part in any decision that the coach may have in deciding his future should the approach come from an NFL franchise. And the sentiment seems to be that the San Francisco 49ers once CEO Jed York has spoken with the board members of the organization will make a full fledged attempt to hire the Stanford Cardinals’ coach. With the firing of Mike Singletary a proven winner in Harbaugh might well be needed to bring the fans back to Candlestick Park and at the same time should the organization see fit they may well look to trade up in the upcoming NFL Draft with a view to acquiring Andrew Luck who many believe will be the consensus overall number one pick coming out of the draft. While there’ll no doubt be a plethora of quality players at the quarterback position, it is Luck who many feel may well be the best of the bunch .



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The annual carousel of coaches’ firings and hirings will go on with unabated breath but it clearly shows that any franchise within the NFL today cannot stand pat and simply think that merely being average will be good enough. It’s not merely just about making money but also winning as that’s the thing that clearly defines success within the league . And having a winning product on the field goes a long way in achieving the desired success sought both on and off the field. While the postseason is about to get underway there’s no denying that once that schedule has been completed we may well see the full weight of the maneuvers that may well go into effect as some teams with vacancies may well also wish to approach assistant coaches and coordinators and also gauge their interest in the openings that are around the NFL.

The NFL has now become a 24 hour a day , seven days a week , 12 months of the year none stop business and it’s one of the main reasons why it holds its fans as a captive audience throughout the year. Where else can you find such intrigue and suspense at your very finger tips and at the same enjoy all of the intrigue as it unfolds ? Nowhere I’d hazard a guess in saying because all else with regard to the other three major sports pales into comparison when adjudged against the comings and goings within the NFL.

What thoughts if any do you have on the possible managerial carousel of prospective firings and hirings that have and will have taken place ? By all means do leave a comment as to your thoughts on the matter and thanks as always for the continued support as it’s gratefully appreciated !

Alan aka tophatal …………………………

NB: Quarterbacks who may well declare for the NFL Draft in April 2011. In order to view their details simply click on their names to view.

Andrew Luck
Andy Dalton
Cameron Newton
Colin Kaepernick

Kellen Moore
Ryan Mallett
Terrell Pryor

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26 thoughts on “Do You Simply Get The Feeling You’ve Seen This All Before ?

  1. As the coaching carousel has begun it’ll be interesting to see how the teams themselves deal with the ensuing issues of hiring given the fact neither the league or NFLPA (Players’ Union) are any closer to coming to an agreement on their long proposed renegotiation of the cba (collective bargaining agreement).

    Come to think of it what happens if there is a labor stoppage and lockout does that mean the NFL Network will deluge us with reruns of past games from yesteryear ?

    tophatal …………….

  2. Cable does deserve the job, but as everyone knows Al does what he wants to do no matter what people think of the decision.

    I don’t see anyone stopping the Patriots unless those rookies start making some mistakes on defense. Are the steelers the most underrated #2 seed? I feel like nobody talks about them…

    I hope the Jets lose to the Colts this weekend. That would be awesome!

    1. chappy81

      It’s been rumored that one of the reasons why Al Davis let Cable go was because a number of teams had approached the Raiders about the availability of offensive coordinator Hue Jackson who’s now been given the Raiders’ coaching gig.

      What that says about the Raiders’ front office and the fact that the players it’s been rumored wanted Cable to remain to me says that there’s a great deal of turmoil not only in the locker room but also within the front office. Beyond that there isn’t really a lot that can be said . Hopefully next season we’ll continue to see the momentum being maintained that Cable instilled into the team this season .

      tophatal ………

    1. Chris Ross

      Managerial carousel notwithstanding the NFL have already began to alienate the fans with their stupidity. Labor stoppage and they’ll be hard pressed to lure fans back to the game. As it is hockey and the NHL still hasn’t recovered and viewership on television is mediocre at best. What little coverage there is specifically within local markets where the game still resonates and in Canada. Versus’ coverage in terms of viewership , is minuscule .

      Goodell and the union had better think long and hard before they go down this road.

      As for what’s taking place with coaches being fired that boils down to the fact of what I’ve always thought there isn’t but a handful years for a coach to prove himself in the NFL before he’s kicked to the curb . In the case of Mangini , Childress and Philips it was definitely the right thing to do as they’d lost the respect of their players. In the case of Al Davis and the Raiders let’s just say that without that circus and lunatic asylum there wouldn’t be much comical fun to be had.

      tophatal ………

  3. Hey Chappy…..Stillers damn near all recovered and gelling.
    Dunno how many more Coaches are goona get the ax, but…..some in the college ranks too. Some AD’s need axed as well as some co-ordinators

    1. al clements

      The Steelers are gonna kick some ass in the postseason .

      I can see both the Chiefs and Seahawks being upset in the divisional rounds of these playoffs ! Inexperience as such indicates that and at the same time neither of the two quarterbacks concerned have really faced this type of pressure. Matt Cassel and Whitehurst as good as they’ve played aren’t the type of guys I’d entrust this type of situation to ! Hasselbeck to my mind is over the hill and but a concussion away from being being washed up and senile !

      tophatal ……………..

    2. al clements

      You know that’s the last thing to happen on a college campus . Unless he’s sleeping with a relative of the university President or having an improper relationship with a college student it’s rare for that to happen concerning an AD. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      These are the guys who make sure that the slush funds and other ill gotten gains are directed in the proper places . How’d you think that the likes of Mike Garrett formerly the AD of USC was so successful while the likes of Pete Carroll , O J Mayo , Leinart and Bush were there ?

      Garrett  &  Carroll

      Mike Garrett, former USC AD and Heisman Trophy winner
      seen here with Pete Carroll

      Eric Dickerson and Craig James in their college days with the SMU Mustangs.

      That program (USC’s) stank to high heaven under his (Garrett’s)watch that it came close to being almost as bad as SMU’s under Ron Meyer the Mustangs’ football coach. And we all know has corrupt that program was and how it was being ran don’t we ? Eric Dickerson and Craig James were the poster children as to how corrupt that program was.

      tophatal ………..

  4. And the coaching carousel continues.

    Are the Bengals not firing Lewis because they’re like the guy who keeps the same old girlfriend despite her baggage just because he’s too lazy to find another one?

    1. Chris Humpherys

      What with the uncertainty that there now is between the NFLPA the league hierarchy and ownership as to there being football next season some teams aren’t willing to make or take a chance of signing a new coach .

      Hence the reason why Mike Brown the Bengals’ President and owner extended a one year contract to Lewis and it was the same with McNair and Kubiak for the Texans . Otherwise they’d have been definitely shown the door.

      As for what Davis did with Cable well everyone knows that common sense has nothing to do with how the Raiders are ran as a franchise . Dear ol’ Al lives in his own fantasy world and their fans simply have to put up and live with !

      It remains to be seen what that dumb ass Bud Adams will do about the situation concerning Jeff Fisher and his tenure with the Titans . But if Fisher stays then Vince Young will definitely have to go as their relationship has been irretrievably broken in spite of Young’s piss poor text message apology. The guy walked off after berating his coach and in doing so he basically walked away from his team . Vince Young is a prick and has some growing up to do !

      tophatal ……..

    1. aero

      If some the NFL coaches were members of Congress or the Senate then many of their asses would have been voted out ….. or shall we say fired long ago ?

      The uncertainty as to next season really stems from the intransigence being shown by both sides the league and owners who jointly together are asking way too much from the union (NFLPA ) and at the same time not really wanting to make slightest of concessions. Goodell is full of it while trying to seek the empathy of the fans.

      Goodell and union chief DeMaurice Smith

      If these two simply can’t put aside their differences and do what’s right for the league and the game then there ought to a friggin’ lockout. How the hell can you be fighting over a $6 billion piece of pie ?

      Gemma Atkinson

      You can come feel and fill some of my cherry pie if you like ? Actress & model Gemma Atkinson

      tophatal ………..

    1. Chris Humpherys

      It’s as I’ve said in my comments to aero the incompetence and intransigence now being shown by both sides is a joke. The league wants an 18 game schedule but aren’t willing to make concessions as in paring down the rookie salary contracts or increasing the size of team rosters. Goodell is an ass and he’s nowhere the type of commissioner that Tagliabue was even if he at times came across as being something of a do-fuss !

      Goodell & Tagliabue

      Goodell and his predecessor Paul Tagliabue seen holding the pigskin.

      tophatal ……………

  5. aero

    No team will want to commit to hiring a coach and their coaching staff with that type of uncertainty hovering never mind the fact of the overall cost to be expected. That could be in excess of $ 6- $8 million a year on average when you take into account those assistant coaches’ salaries as well as that of a head coach .

    tophatal ………….

  6. Al Davis needs to give up the ship. He is killing the Raiders. I am not a Cable fan but he did a great job this year guiding the Raiders to an eight and eight record. Last year Oakland was 4-12. This is double the wins. Cowher won’t coach this year. Gruden is over rated. He might but I don’t think so. Harbaugh is making a mistake to coach the 49ers. I think Denver would be a better. These are my thoughts.

    1. Bobby Gee

      Does Al Davis simply know what time of the day it is much less what year it is ? They speak about this guy as if he’s still cognizant of what’s happening in the game. That’s like saying that Congress knows what’s wrong with the economy ! He and they are far too dumb to realize what the hell is going on at present.

      If Cowher returns I can see him coaching the Dolphins or perhaps the Browns dependent upon the mindset of team President Mike Holmgren .

      The uncertainty of the off-season could be a harbinger of things to come if there’s a lockout and work stoppage.

      Jim Harbaugh ought to remain at Stanford and simply make the program even more prominent not just within the Pac 10 but across the collegiate landscape of football.

      No way in hell Harbaugh ought to consider Denver that place is a complete mess and the owner Pat Bowlen is almost as senile as Al Davis !

      tophatal …………….

  7. If Hue does get the job, and it seems like he will, I think he’ll have the locker room on his side. Cable went from offensive line coach to head coach, so he might not have been the best choice to keep on. I might just be trying to convince myself that, but whatever happens I hope it ends up being that they fired Cable to keep Hue, because he has the respect of the players…

    1. chappy 81

      It’s all but been inked but it’d appear that the job is Jackson’s . I think the main reason why Davis did this was to avoid losing the offensive coordinator as it’s been reported that overtures had been made in seeking Davis’ approval to interview Hue Jackson for the apparent positions with the Dolphins and Browns .

      I can understand Raiders’ fans feeling aggrieved but in the NFL it’s now become about winning now and not what you’ve done last year or even two years ago. And that’s why coaches will continue to look over their shoulders when the GM or owner is in close proximity. There’s more bloodletting going on now than in a damn slaughterhouse.

      Hue  Jackson

      New Raiders’ coach Hue Jackson

      The respect has always been there I think within the Raiders’ locker room as the team have done their damndest to show that they can play. About the only time that wasn’t happening was when Russell was helming this team as he’d become a dead weight ! The players could see what a loser he was and that he simply had no leadership qualities . How the hell can they see it but Davis seemed oblivious to that fact ?

      tophatal ………………..

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