Act Like A Champion ………… Walk Like A Champion Even If You’ve Now Been Found Out To Be A Lying Cheat !

Act Like A Champion ………… Walk Like A Champion Even If You’ve Now Been Found Out To Be A Lying Cheat !

So Ohio State Buckeyes’ AD Gene Smith doesn’t believe the problem that has now engulfed the school’s athletics program is systematic ? However with each passsing second there seems to be even more mounting evidence that the malfeasance there suborned by football coach Jim Tressel had reached unprecedented heights . What’s next ? We will find out that the cars leased by players wherein falsified documents had been warily accepted by the dealers were in fact all signed by faculty members of Ohio State ? Smith and university President E Gordon Gee are now trying to defend the indefensible while trying to make the school an outright victim rather than the perpetrator of a massive fraud. What I feel is idiotic has been the punishment meted out to the coach the players who of their own volition broke NCAA rules ! But then again the NCAA has simply been a joke to begin with ! So why should I expect them to be proactive here , in this instance ?


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Pat Haden AD of the USC is said to be disappointed that the NCAA chose not to reduce the sanctions levied against the school’s athletics program in particular with regard to the football program while it was under the tenure of former football coach Pete Carroll . The Seattle Seahawks’ coach has admitted no wrong doing on his part or the fact that he knew of any transgression of their the school’s or NCAA violations. Considering that the school itself was negligent in even conducting a thorough inhouse investigation in light of all the evidence that subsequently came to light I can only surmise that Haden’s predecessor Mike Garrett simply didn’t care what happened just as long as the football program was succesful , were winning and the financial windfall went on unabated . Tens of millions of dollars each season has a way of making turn a blind eye no matter how egregious the violations may well be . And in the case of USC they were many and reoccurring on such a magnitde that you’d be hard pressed to be sure where and when they actually started . So voluminous have been the transgression within the athletics program. And for those bitching and whining out there amongst the throngs of USC fandom ………… just because you were caught …. shut the fuck up and stop using the claim that others were doing it ! Stand up , be held accountable for your actions and stop whining like a child who’s had their pacifier taken away from them !

Courtesy of NY Daily News

Pat Haden: USC will ‘move on’ after failed appeal

By Scott Wolff , Staff Writer

USC athletic director Pat Haden reiterated Thursday the university will not sue the NCAA after its appeal to reduce sanctions was denied.

“Believe me, the university has considered all the alternatives,” Haden said. “We are not going to do that. We have decided to kind of move on. The university has made the decision we are not going to go down that path. We’re going to move forward and make the best of it.”

The NCAA released its official statement and report, which disagreed with USC’s contentions that two would-be sports marketers who provided improper benefits to former tailback Reggie Bush should not be classified as USC boosters.

“(We) find no basis on which to reverse the pertinent findings,” the NCAA said.

USC also contended the NCAA mistakenly found a lack of institutional control because facts cited by the Committee on Infractions did not constitute rules violations.


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In the midst of this all it now looks as if not only will USC have to vacate their 2004 —– BCS National title in football but it also appears that all the results during that season if the proposals by the NCAA are to believed . The actions of Reggie Bush , known associates and family members simply made the school’s situation all the more tenuous for the defense they began to take at the start of the investigations by the NCAA . And the idiocy of Bush simply being naive creates the perception that the school itself had not communicated with the player to make sure that he hadn’t actually been contravening any school or NCAA rules . But as I alluded to earlier , when there are said to be tens of millions at stake common sense , moral integrity and the truth tend to be the last trait of decency that one would like to show .

Even the school’s own formal response to the actions of the NCAA reads like an act of defiance but how can one simply try to defend the indefensible ? Somehow once the dust settles in the aftermath of this all calmer heads and the rational will become much clearer for all to see . At this juncture it’s merely anger and verbosity being shown by USC because they now viewed as frauds .

I’m sorry but I simply don’t get it ! The Houston Rockets it appears will be hiring former Boston Celtics’ great Kevin McHale as their next head coach . Leslie Alexander owner of the Rockets in conjunction with team GM Daryl Morey have settled on McHale . While an executive with the Minnesota Timberwolves McHale had a moderately successful career but over the last five seasons things had began to spin out of control for the organization and team as a whole . His subsequent departure to become an on air analyst with TNT Sports covering the NBA where he provides insightful analysis has been moderately successful.

The Rockets coming off a rather disappointing season where the team ended with a <a href=””&gt; 43-39 record within the Southwest Division , having failed to make this season’s playoffs . Incumbent coach Rick Adelman did not have his contract extended as the front office felt it necessary to bring in new blood. The team itself built around the offensive presence of Kevin Martin , Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry the Rockets simply struggled throughout much of the season to make their presence felt . And their cause was not helped with the fact that they lost their All Star center Yao Ming once again due to recurring injury issues . I seriously doubt that Yao’s career within the NBA will be what it once was ! At this point of his career he’s simply playing on borrowed time as his weary body begin to belie his actual talents.

In the advent of a failed season there’s every reason to believe that the Rockets will look to improve this upcoming season if there is one to be had. The uncertainty of the ever increasing divide between the league hierarchy and the NBPA (Players’ Union) brings about that inevitability that there will indeed be a labor stoppage , with the two sides being unable to reach a compromise with regard to a collective bargaining agreement.
And with union Executive Director Billy Hunter and union president Derek Fisher standing steadfast in their belief that their members cannot acquiesce to any major concessions without David Stern and the team owners making concessions of their very own. And at this juncture that doesn’t appear to be an alternative that Stern and the owners are prepared to offer.

With the upcoming NBA Draft next month on the 23rd June the Rockets will most certainly look to make a premium pick with the fourteenth choice in the first round . From thereon in the choices made by Morey in conjunction with McHale will go a long way in determing the makeup of this team for the foreseeable future .

The team’s draft history has been one littered with a number of venerable choices but in amongst those as well have been multiple disasters that they would simply rather forget. It’s hard to believe that the Rockets have fallen so far from amongst the elite within the NBA but where the sports has now become about ……… the immediacy of now …….. and what have you simply done lately ? . The two time NBA defending champions from ’93-94 and 94-95 now seems like an eternity ago. And two of the Rockets’ greatest players in Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon simply made the Rockets a force to be reckoned with , within the NBA . It’s something that I’ve no doubt that Kevin McHale would like to bring back to this organization and make them resurgent once again ! But at the back of my mind I have my doubts because of his inexperience as a coach. His record with the Timberwolves as a coach , albeit that it was one over the course of a season and a half resulted in a 39-55 record . Not wholly impressive but then again we are talking about the Minnesota Timberwolves whose history seems to have steeped with a a great many highs but even more lows.



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What thoughts if any do you have with regars to the points raised within this piece ? Simply leave a comment as to your thoughts as you would deem fit and once again thanks as always for the continued support as it is greatly appreciated !

Alan aka tophatal ………………..

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(1) E. Gordon Gee, left, Ohio State University president; football coach Jim Tressel, center; and athletic director Gene Smith take questions during a news conference Tuesday, March 8, 2011, in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State suspended Tressel for two games and fined him $250,000 for violating NCAA rules by failing to notify the school about information he received involving two players and questionable activities involving Buckeye memorabilia. Tressel also will receive a public reprimand and must make a public apology. AP Photo/Terry Gilliam ………..

(2) USC AD Pat Haden who now feels that it’s time for the school to move with it having received the NCAA’s verdict on the improprieties that took place under his predecessor Mike Garrett’s reign as the AD . Multiple NCAA violations have resulted , scholarships being reduced and there now seems a very distinct possibility that the school’s BCS national championship win will be voided along with the team’s regular season results . AP Photo / Russell Parsons ………

(3) This Jan. 4, 2006, file photo shows Reggie Bush, right, being consoled by an assistant coach after a game which resulted in a team loss . Chris Carlson, Associated Press …….

(4) FILE – In this Jan. 2, 2009, file photo, then-Minnesota Timberwolves coach Kevin McHale calls out to his players during the third quarter of an NBA basketball game against the Golden State Warriors in Minneapolis. A person familiar with the situation says the Houston Rockets are close to hiring McHale as their new coach. The person says the team is negotiating a contract with McHale. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal is not yet complete . AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt …..

(5) Forward Mike Miller (13) of the Miami Heat drives against forward Kevin Martin (12) of the Houston Rockets at American Airlines Arena on March 27, 2011 in Miami, Florida. Marc Serota / Getty Images …..

(6) Hakeem Olajuwon looks to console Shaquille O’Neal after a game four loss in during the 1995 NBA Finals . AFP/Photo/ Mike Hughes …..

(7) Clyde Drexler goes up for the dunk as his teammates look on during the NBA Finals against the Orlando Magic . AFP/Photo/ Chris Russell …….


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Buju Banton ………………..”Champion ”



8 thoughts on “Act Like A Champion ………… Walk Like A Champion Even If You’ve Now Been Found Out To Be A Lying Cheat !

    1. McHale says he knows who is and he’s got identity to prove it . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      All I’ve to say about this hire is buyer beware ! That’s all folks !

      tophatal ……….

    2. Chris Humpherys

      I’m now worried as to the sanity of Rockets’ owner Leslie Alexander and their GM Daryl Morey ! This duo would make Baylor and Sterling of the Clippers feel proud .

      McHale might not be in the position that long because in the West you can’t stand pat and feel that being there merely to guarantee and make up the numbers is actually a sign of success. It’s about winning and winning consistently with a view of being successful in the postseason.

      Gotta feel sorry for Shaw haven’t you ?

      tophatal …………..

  1. Good player but crappy coach and GM. Look at what he did with the Timberwolves. They fired his ass didn’t they.
    The NCAA is a freakin joke. Follow the money. They use these kids to make millions and in the end the kids get screwed. The NCAA or the school don’t give a damn about these kids- ( I mean football & Basketball players-this is where the real money is not the other sports-who gives a crap about them except the parents).
    The NCAA is a business and they should not be exempt from anti trust laws.
    pay the kids not education but real dollars.

  2. Bobby Gee

    I’ve become sick and tired of the NCAA coaches such as Saban , Calhoun , Pitino , Carroll , Bruce Pearl and Tressel who are not only liars but they too have skirted the rules and then act sanctimonious when it comes to the notion that it’s simply the agents and other outside influences that precipitate the actions of the players in their transgression of the rules.

    And as far as the education of the athlete goes well consider the fact that nationwide the graduation rates are actually on the decline and that’s especially true amongst student athletes . Education Secretary Arne Duncan has stated that he’d like to see a situation where the NCCA Basketball Tournament participants and there a criteria is set with regard to programs having at least a 45% graduation rate from the previous year. If that were to happen I seriously doubt that they could muster the 65 teams needed to have a tournament to begin with . And with regard to the BCS well we all know that the major conferences would be dead set against adopting such a proposition .

    Collegiate sports has become so damn corrupted that it’s now trickling down to where the corruption will soon become rampant and widespread at the high school level.

    tophatal ………..

  3. I’m really tired of hearing about OSU in general. Glad they decided to let Tressel run that ship into an iceburg. I wonder if he ever coaches again…

    1. chappy

      I’m sick and tired of it too ! I’ll say this the NCAA and their Infractions Committee even if they delved to the bottom of this they still wouldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer or finding as to what has gone on.

      I like former Vikings running back Robert Smith had to say on this but if the Feds got involved even then that situation would be fu#ked up ! Look at the mess concerning both the Bonds and the Clemens’ investigatory procedure ? Hell Barney Fife could’ve possibly done better but I’m not so sure !

      Not only that but Tressel gets hired by any D1 thru D3 school any sanctions imposed upon him by the NCAA would go with him to that school . No potential school that would want to hire him would dare take a risk until this mess is thoroughly cleared up.

      tophatal …………..

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